Friendly Anarchism is guided by the Quaker SPICES testimonies:

– Keeping the content accessible

-Eschewing hostility, divisiveness, and derision

-Staying honest, checking facts, and being accountable

-Being humble, reaching out, and led by a desire to uplift others

-Treating all as equal to each other and working to dismantle internal and external hierarchies

-Supporting ecological sustainability and health

Friendly Anarchism also adheres to the St. Paul Principles: 

1. Our solidarity will be based on respect for a diversity of tactics and the plans of other groups.
2. The actions and tactics used will be organized to maintain a separation of time or space.
3. Any debates or criticisms will stay internal to the movement, avoiding any public or media denunciations of fellow activists and events.
4. We oppose any state repression of dissent, including surveillance, infiltration, disruption and violence. We agree not to assist law enforcement actions against activists and others.

If you think any of these principles have been violated, you can email friendlyanarchism @ (GPG: 0x24DC7A26).